BSQ’s CEO interviewed by Energías Renovables


BSQ’s CEO interviewed by Energías Renovables

Energías Renovables is Spain’s most read magazine regarding the field of Renewable Energies. It is a monthly publication that covers market and industry news, technology advancements, outstanding international projects, opinion columns by experts and specialized journalists, regulatory and political analyses and interviews to actors in the field, mainly in the Spanish and LATAM arena.

For its May issue they contacted BSQ to interview its CEO, Dr. Ignacio Luque Heredia. This happened after Energías Renovables had previously published in its website, several news articles related to BSQ Solar’s projects and achievements:

La española BSQ Solar lleva su tecnología solar a Masdar City

La española BSQ Solar lleva su tecnología a la India

Ignacio Luque Heredia, elegido miembro del Consejo Director del CPV Consortium

The interview was conducted by its Chief Editor, Pepa Mosquera that resulted in a 4-page article very nicely illustrated. It included questions about BSQ’s background and history, the fundamentals and potential of HCPV technology, an introduction to the REPHLECT project and some discussion on BSQ’s vision and future projects. The interview is in Spanish and can be downloaded by clicking the following link in our server:

energias_renovables_02The interview a reached a wide audience and the effect can be felt about how it has increased the public awareness about our company. We thank Energias Renovables for their careful approach to this interview and what we believe is an excellent piece of technical journalism, hoping that our work will continue to be worth their attention.