BSQ SOLAR’s sun tracking certified IEC 62817


BSQ SOLAR’s sun tracking certified IEC 62817

BSQ Solar has completed the IEC62817 certification process for its sun tracking technology.certification04IEC 62817 is a design qualification standard applicable to solar trackers for photovoltaic systems. The standard defines test procedures for both the key components and the complete tracker system. In some cases, test procedures describe methods to measure and/or calculate parameters reported to a defined tracker specification sheet. In other cases, the test procedures result in a pass/fail criterion.

This standard assures the user that the parameters reported in the specification sheet were measured by consistent and accepted industry procedures. The tests with pass/fail criteria are engineered for separating tracker designs that are likely to have early failures, from those designs that are sound and suitable for use as specified by the manufacturer.


CERE, a Spanish independent certification entity, accredited by ENAC in Spain and in more than 40 countries worldwide conducted the certification process. The CERE team has first-hand experience having participated in the testing and certification of more than 1500MW of PV installations, 400MW of wind installations, 200MW of testing, certification projects for PV inverters, and 200MW of wind turbine projects over the last ten years.