High Concentration Photovoltaics (HCPV), due to its use of very high efficiency PV cells, is currently the solar technology with the highest cost reduction potential: 85% reduction in the last 5 years with just 100MW accumulated volume. This represents an 18% learning rate at a systems level vs. 12% of silicon-based PV and 11% of CSP.
Fastest Learning Curve01

Highest Local Content
While PV manufacturing is today strongly centralized in China, HCPV, thanks to its much lesser use of semiconductor solar cells, can cost effectively transfer up to 80% of its production close to the end markets. In this way it can replicate the successful PC white box paradigm that was the definitive step towards nowadays ubiquitous computers.

While the conversion efficiency of silicon-based PV has remained virtually stagnated for the last two decades, that of HCPV increases 1% every year with cells expected to reach 50% before 2020. This together with its best-in-class temperature coefficient and its dual axis tracking already provides up to three times more energy per unit surface.Highest Energy Density03

Greenest Solar Energy
HCPV has the shortest energy payback time of all solar electricity technologies, the least CO2 emissions and a very high recyclability. It runs without permanent shadowing thus allowing dual use of land. It does not require water usage for the operation or cooling, e.g. 15 liters per MWh vs. 3000-4000 liters of wet cooled CSP.

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